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Recipe: Stir fried cereal butter prawns

Stir fried cereal butter prawns with shredded cabbage 【エビのシリアルバター炒め、千切りキャベツ】
To be honest, i don't really like prawns. there's something about that springy, firm texture of cooked-just-right prawns that makes me want to gag. Barbecued prawns are fine, because it loses that strange 'crunchy' texture. 
Unfortunately, Chinese cuisines often incorporates a delicate cooking style with their prawns (see drunken prawns, steamed garlic prawns, etc) so I've always avoided it whenever we eat at upscale Chinese establishments.
However, I am always happy whenever there's cereal prawns, because it's like a texture and flavour wonderland - crispy texture and sweet flavours from the cereal, spice from the curry leaves, that rich oomph from the butter...!

It's super simple to make, although it's preferable you get the right ingredients. It's better with Nestlé nestum cereal - I first tried it with some leftover oats I had at home but it got clangy and sticky aft…

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